Visuals of RIT

As part of our FLFDN meet up, Marilyn, Becky, and I were able to tour RIT’s new setting for the former MAGIC lab (now MAGIC Spell Studios, LLC).

First, the meeting with our Peers was held in a facility that was branded based on client need with the organizational structure, included, but not the primary view. They said this provided greater clarity and level of credibility with the academe. Their communication materials are presented below as an example (Marilyn’s proposal to be discussed that relates to this at IC).

MAGIC’s Studio where students work with rotating faculty on projects that are proposed and awarded or are presented to the Studio (as an LLC, this generates external revenue):


Students working in the Studios


The Studio has glass walls open to the foyer. To the left of the image is a large state of the art theater.  All learning and workspaces have great natural light, using the research that natural light improves higher order thinking (and therein learning)

Stop Motion Room. This student has used this room for three semesters. Stop motion requires private access so no materials are moved.


Lab for students to develop immersive media


The studios have a conference room and huddle spaces as shown below:


There was a closed set in the motion picture studio, so these images show the green room, two primary doors, and an upper floor overview curtain where open set projects can be viewed

Audio and color facilities where scientists and students can collaborate. The audio is a new Dolby technology and the color science (MAGIC is via the College of Art & Design) has equipment found generally in Hollywood.

Monitors provide visitors (and clients) examples of their work:


Larger Immersive lab and more intimate working group labs are available. Check out the servers on display. Similarities with Houston Community College space.

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