How to develop talent for the digital economy

By Vice-President, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

The growing call for cloud skills shows innovation is required to find the next generation workforce.

  • Companies should look for skills, creativity and passion.
  • The digital economy will require new talent.
  • Over the past year, 83,000 cloud jobs were posted in the Los Angeles area.

The ubiquity of always-on, high performance infrastructure is fueling the rapid pace of innovation. Now more than ever, government and private companies can take advantage of affordable and scalable systems to test new ideas, evolve more quickly to meet the needs of their citizens and customers, and operate more securely. And yet, many institutions have not started on their digital journey because they lack a workforce with the advanced skills they need to drive transformational change.

In recent months, I have had the opportunity to meet with a diverse collection of elected officials and public sector leaders from around the globe. Some have been with leaders from young, dynamic, and fast-developing nations, others from nations that have been the traditional catalysts for global growth for the last five generations.

Each leader has asked me a similar question: How can they better serve their citizens, grow their economies, and quickly adapt to global threats and changes through technology? The answer starts, as most answers do, with tapping the skills, creativity, and passion of their citizens.

Source: How to develop talent for the digital economy