ShapingEDU: Dreamers, Doers, and Drivers Shaping the Future of Learning in the Digital Age

10 Actions to Shape the Future of education


[This is one of the most exciting, most promising initiatives I’ve had the honor of participating]

From April 25-27, 2018, at ASU’s Skysong Innovation Campus in Scottsdale, Arizona, 129 higher education changemakers convened to dream, do, and drive the future of learning in the digital age. An unconference format enabled the free flow of conversation, with common themes emerging and 10 constructive actions coalescing. Each of the 10 actions represents a neighborhood in a greater higher education community that collectively drives innovations to improve student success, collaboration, leadership, next-generation learning environments, and digital fluency. Learn more about this vision and work by accessing the communique.

What started as an unconference became an action-oriented initiative to address many of the greatest challenges in education through action. In June 2018, the ShapingEDU community became open for all education changemakers to join. More than 160 people have signed up to join one of the 10 neighborhoods, with the working kicking off on September 13, 2018. The 10 Actions from the communique will be fueling community progress — all in service of dreaming, doing, and driving the future of learning. Each neighborhood is tasked to answer their respective call-to-action from the communique (e.g., humanize learning, promote access and equity, etc.) Throughout the year, there will be more opportunities for new changemakers to join the neighborhoods.

Joining a Neighborhood

Anyone can join ShapingEDU. New “neighbors” who join after the online community launch on September 13, 2018 will be alerted when their neighborhoods are ready for them.