Adventures in Blended Learning: It’s about the Relationships, Always

I can’t emphasize enough how true this statement is.  One of the major reasons why the delivery of effective online education presents such a challenge to institutions is the failure to understand this basic principle.  Online courses need to be well-designed and accessible; they require a different set of logistical skills to manage than does a classroom course.  They do not especially require a lot of bells and whistles.  It turns out that students don’t much care if the video is high quality so long as it is acceptable quality.  While it is convenient to have the resources of a production studio, as I did when I built Online Rome, it is certainly not a sine qua non.  There are plenty of tools available gratis on the internet that can be used to record video and/or audio and even live stream video/audio.

via Adventures in Blended Learning: It’s about the Relationships, Always.